Trish Brady

Hi, I’m Trish a Supervisor at ASUK! During my time at ASUK I have worked as both room lead and supervisor and I’m super excited to be back again for my third intake!
As a supervisor at ASUK my role includes assessing children and planning personalised intervention plans, overseeing children’s targets and training room leads, assistants, tutors and parents using behaviour skills training, and writing end of intake reports for each pupil. I have over 15 years’ experience working in the field of ABA and have worked with a diverse range of children, ages ranging 3 – 18 years across a variety of settings including home, school, nurseries, aba settings and supporting families in the community during visits to the dentist, doctors and hairdressers which can often be difficult for families!

I began working as an ABA therapist in 2002 whilst completing my psychology degree at Bradford University, after graduating I began working as an ABA therapist full time and immediately fell in love with the job seeing first-hand the progress children can make -learning through their own motivation and play!
I completed my masters in ABA at the Tizzard Centre at the University of Kent in the summer of 2016 which also focused on Positive Behaviour Support and included training in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. I am currently working with various BCBAs, accruing BCBA supervision hours towards sitting the BCBA exam in hope to become a Board certified behaviour analyst.

I have worked as an ABA tutor, lead tutor and currently supervise home and school programs designing and managing ABA programs, conducting assessments, providing training and collaborating with other professionals such as OT’s, SLT’s, Educational Psychologists and school staff implementing the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework through ABA programmes. I have worked with many non-verbal children and therefore I am trained in using and teaching sign language, I have attended both Makaton and Sign-along courses. I am also trained in using PECs and I am a Talk Tools Level 2 Therapist. ASUK provide much needed support for many children and families who would usually be unable to access ABA. I have seen first-hand the progress children have made at ASUK Saturday School teaching academic, social and life skills and breaking down barriers, the positive impact the experience has had on families has been truly inspiring to me!

Every individual is capable of developing to their full potential with the right support and every child deserves the best type of support available to them – and for me evidence based practice ABA is the way! I’m really excited to be back at ASUK for this intake with a totally amazing and inspiring team providing quality ABA intervention with a new model - bespoke parent and child training!

I will also be volunteering my services at the ASUK Lego based therapy club – another awesome new ASUK venture I’m excited to be part of!

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