Linzi Tropea

Hi i am Linzi and i am the founder and director of Autism Support UK. I oversee the management and running of the Saturday Club, from Parents and Child applications, recruiting behaviourists and volunteers to purchasing and organizing materials, school hire, insurances, administration and fundraising right across to making sure there is tea and coffee available on arrival.

I also oversee all advertisement and publicity and collaborations with Universities and other professionals and organise the parent information talks we provide at ASUK.

I had many years of managing teams on Cruise liners where I started at the age of 19, working at sea helped me think on my feet, problem solve on the spot and learn to motivate and support staff members young and old from many various backgrounds and nationalities - I have a Diploma in Autism Awareness and a Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis, I am also PECS level 1 trained and a Lego - based therapy practitioner. I am also trained in Managing and legal responibilities and reaching communities and I am also paediatric first aid trained. I have completed many training courses in Customer service in the USA and have worked and directed large teams of people.

I started ASUK as i am a parent of a child with ASC and i have run my sons ABA programme for over 6 years. The positive impact it has had on my son’s life and ours as a family has been vast, he has learned so many life and acedemic skills and his behaviours have reduced dramatically.

Before Applied Behaviour Analysis my son struggled with play skills, had no words (Non-Verbal) had limited social skills, major daily meltdowns where the normal and he was sometimes aggressive. After the introduction of ABA he is now a happy little boy who is in mainstream school with 1:1 ABA support, he has learned some wonderful social skills and has a small group of friends, he is now verbal and most importantly he's happy.

The positive changes ABA has brought to my son’s life is my inspiration for starting the Saturday Club 'Autism Support UK' Seeing the progress of the children and seeing parents relaxed and supported is why I volunteer my time to run the school.The Saturday Club has been successful in helping those children who have not been able to access ABA intervention before, it has helped parents get the support they needed, it has given parents a taster of ABA before setting up their own programmes, something that was never available to me when I started and is a lifeline for so many.

It has also helped children already on an ABA programme with social skills, academic and life skills through extra Saturday sessions in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Children with Autism struggle in many areas and Autism Support UK help as many children as we can overcome some of those obstacles.

I hope that more parents who aren't yet using ABA will get a good insight into what it is and to start programmes with their children at home and school. It now also gives parents a chance to come and see us, look round see what we do and watch option that has not been available previously as no schools like this were available in the North west. The Saturday Club also provides support and trainng for parents 

ABA is about changing the environment around your child so your child can learn – one of my favourite quotes by Alexander Den Heijer :
'When a flower does not bloom – you fix the environment in which they grow – Not the flower!'

Join us - We would love to welcome you and your children to ‘Autism Support UK’

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