Jeff Slough

Hello, I'm Jeff 'The Website Guy'.

When Linzi contacted me and asked if I could help with a new project she was working on for children on Autism Spectrum I couldn't refuse as I've worked with Linzi before on a fund raising site for Dog Rescues so I knew first hand when she does something it isn't by halves.

Through Linzi I have got to know Kirsty and some of the volunteers too. The work ethic that is put into Autism Support Uk , lead by Linzi and Kirsty is astonishing, no one sees how much work goes on behind the scenes to get the Saturday ABA Club to function as it does.

It is now my opinion after working with these ladies for a few years that something very special is happening at Autism Support UK and The Saturday ABA Club.

Now having accepted Linzi's invitation to help I couldn't be happier. Having seen the hard work Linzi, Kirsty  and all the volunteers put into Autism Support UK it is something to behold, and if I can play a small part in their success and maybe help a few kids along the way then it makes what I do so much more worthwhile.

So when you bring your child along to the Saturday ABA Club you will find a professional set up that is based on a warm friendly environment, that is always fun for the children and parents involved.

I'm very pleased to have recently been promoted to Kirsty's page turner overer at her presentations.

'An Individualised Program For Individual Children'

So, keep up the good work ladies it is such a worthwhile cause, Go Team ASUK

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