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We really appreciate parents taking the time to leave feedback about the time they spent with us here at Autism Support UK. Please take a few minutes to read what some of our happy parents have to say about their experience with us at ASUK

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Talha Ahmed, Saarim Ahmed
I found out about ASUK through a random google search and I am so glad I signed up despite being put on initially on the long waiting list!
It has been an incredible life changing experience, and I don't mean this lightly. We as a family had no introduction to ABA before and were following advice we receive from NHS, nurseries, parent groups etc. All of which were random and when they did not work, we as parents felt guilty that perhaps we are not doing the right things.
This changed dramatically starting the first day at ASUK. A tailored program was designed for Saarim which targeted key areas. What followed was immense dedication from the volunteers and staff at ASUK to help support Saarim with his targets and keeping us up to speed with his progress.
We always engaged with them and always found the interactions friendly, helpful and thought provoking. The other very important aspect of the experience was the incredible talks. These gave us hope that there are things out there which can help our kids improve, things we did not know existed!
Our knowledge has increased so much through these and there was a general sense of positivity after every talk. Some thing that is hard to get when you are going through so much on a day to day basis.
Linzi and Kirsty are absolutely amazing in their enthusiasm and support that they provide on a weekly basis. I have picked their brains on several occasions, even outside the Saturday School now and have always found them approachable, friendly and supportive.
We asked if Saarim's birthday could be celebrated during one of the sessions and were blown away with the enthusiasm that was shown by the team. Saarim really enjoyed his birthday and we were extremely pleased with the way it was organised.
The same goes for all the staff members and volunteers that put in an incredible effort to keep the whole cohort moving, I don't have one negative comment about a single person.
The other very important aspect of our Saturdays was interaction with the parents. It was great to share experiences and frustrations with each other and know that we are not alone, and also importantly what solutions other parents found that worked for them, or not. Made some good friends during the process with whom I intend to stay in touch going forward. Overall, I can't praise the support enough as it was just incredible.
If only it can go on throughout the year! I would highly recommend other parents to join the sessions. I am absolutely certain that the ASUK team is bound to grow bigger and do more incredible things.
I wish them all the very best and hope I can see them again in the next cohort :)
Rish Milan
Discussing with other parents was really helpful. Also i do appreciate the effort the volunteers are putting is amazing. very sincere, hard working and dedicated staff, Rish was comfortable with the staff and i am truly happy that Rish has achieved all the goals they have taken. After leaving ASUK still are supporting and helping for everything is really appreciable. Linzi is doing a great job..keep going .may god bless you.
Solange & Dan Timms (Jem & Seb)
We love 'Autism Support UK'. Our two boys have benefited so much from their time there. The bond my boys had with their tutors was beautiful! My eldest tolerates intensive interaction a lot more and settled in a new environment with new people. My husband had his first PECs exchange with our youngest - FANTASTIC. The support, understanding, energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and organizational skills is second to none.
The friendships I've made with other parents will be lifelong. Everyone in our position needs the opportunity to experience what ASUK provide. The quality of the volunteers is amazing. Everyone has a smile for you and it's infectious. 10/10 A+++++
Bunmi and Rayhan Kusimo
At the start of the ASUK programme in September he struggled with functional skills such as putting on his coat, socks e.t.c. but by November he learnt those skills this was made possible thanks to the lectures, imitation skills in the course of the programme also the amazing tips also shared by fellow parents went a long way.
Secondly, he was able to participate with other children on stage during the school Christmas carol without running off the stage to do his own agenda.
Thirdly, He’s become more confident of himself and has started using words at school to request for things. Fourthly, he’s received two awards both bronze and silver super hero reading achievers award this was made possible due to confidence building from attending the programme I personally have enjoyed every lecture they were well tailored to my specific needs and also cut across every area that i struggled with regarding my son and provided the solutions required, it did give me hope and a sense direction regarding his future and this has helped with planning and given a structure towards achieving set out milestones and goals for my son.
My experience with other fellow parents was awesome, their shared experiences gave me hope and some form of comfort. It made me realize that isolation we felt regarding raising our son was never a burden to bear alone and that help was available. I have come to understand that there is light at the end of the every tunnel when you have friends like Autism support UK.
Amber Hill and Chloe Hill
Autism support uk's ABA therapy Saturday school is absolutely brilliant. It gives parents and carers a chance to see what ABA is all about and how it helps their children. The talks they put on are very informative. With the school itself I found that my twin girls (both diagnosed with autism) absolutely brilliant. I found they both made progress in different areas and definitely a therapy I would recommend any one with autism to try.Claire Hill,
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