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We really appreciate parents taking the time to leave feedback about the time they spent with us here at Autism Support UK. Please take a few minutes to read what some of our happy parents have to say about their experience with us at ASUK

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Mrs Johnson
Excellent talks particularly rowan week . Very encouraging to see success stories. Meeting parents to continue friendships with. A space where we all could relax. My son loved the whole experience positive, energetic, enthusiastic staff. Lots of engaging and fun activities . Excellent introduction to aba. We made gains that were noticed outside of Saturday school at home and pre school such as more engaging, attentive and verbal. We are already missing Saturday school.
Dr Ishfaq Hussain , Hadi Hussain
We had a wonderful experience at Saturday ABA school organised by Autism Support UK . I think all the people working for AS-UK are very special . They are very nice kind and loving to our children . They are very positive and caring as like a family member. They actually owned our children. It was a great pleasure for me and my family especially my son to participate in the programme. My son enjoyed going out there . He learnt a lot. He made good progress. I learnt hugely from talks and lectures especially talks on different strategies used in ABA, talking tools, talk by Solicitor Fiona and Joanne the OT. I would say whole series was highly beneficial. I learnt more in this programme than I did in last 4 years when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I congratulate Autism Support UK especially Linzi to organise and manage such an excellent programme. It gives us a chance to socialise with other parents and share common problems. I wish every success in future events.
Michelle Howard George Taylor
Before autism support uk I felt isolated and alone no one seemed to understand my daily struggles. That changed with immediate effect my child found a place where he just fitted in and then targets were set and my child grew in confidence. By the end of the 12 week program my child wanted everyday a Saturday school day. This service has been priceless. The best thing to happen for George was knowing he was safe and making a real friend was a big bonus. For me it was being around professionals that just got his ways and worked with that not changing him but supporting him, listening and making adjustments when required. Meeting parents that don't judge or compete but share and pick each other up. Autism support uk brings everyone together and makes a big family. The talks are well thought out and allow parents to access valuable information at no or low cost which couldn't be accessed. Being able to have a cuppa without worrying because you know your child is happily entertaining their tutor without any anxiety and is going to return without a meltdown makes it the best cuppa!!!
Grace Evans
Grace has loved Saturday school and progressed so well with all her targets thanks to the team working with her. Graces older sister also has ASD but not formally diagnosed yet and she has loved the sibling activities. To summarise how good this has been for us - neither of our girls have ever visited Santa because they are absolutely terrified of dressed up people in hats wigs etc but thanks to AS UK we have photos of the girls receiving gifts from Santa!! Alex's talk and OT talk found particularly useful and most relevant to our circumstances. Great to meet others and share experiences. Graces ABA was great with Grace and really understood what makes our daughter tick and so she got the best out of her. I also had the opportunity to see a friends child progress and grow in confidence with social skills over the twelve weeks - lovely to see and to get to know him better.
Bryony and Thomas Gibbons
We didn't know what to expect from ASUK Saturday club when we first started, but it has turned out to be a really fantastic experience. We are sad that it was only 12 weeks! Tom is non-verbal and has very strong autism, his barriers do come down with people he knows well and trusts and he developed this bond and trust very quickly with his therapist. They played and had fun and developed a lot of communication.
Tom started using Pecs at school, but they have never managed to get him to use a pecs symbol to show that he needed to go to the toilet, but he started using the toilet symbol with his therapist - this may sound like a small thing, but small breakthroughs in communication and requests are a huge deal for Tom and his family! He was using lots of other symbols as well and having a lot of fun in the process! We have decided to proceed and recruit an ABA therapist as we now feel that it will work for Tom. As a parent I have absolutely loved being a part of it all. The time that Tom spent having fun with his therapist I met other parents and had a cuppa.
From this group I have met some wonderful people who have quickly become friends. It's amazing and reassuring to meet other people who are going through the same situation! We all shared so much helpful information over the 12 weeks and we will all be meeting up regularly now that it's finished. The talks were really informative and helpful, especially the talks about setting up ABA funding and navigating the tribunal process. I will be using this information in the future. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience for both of us! Thank you so much to everyone at ASUK! X
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