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We really appreciate parents taking the time to leave feedback about the time they spent with us here at Autism Support UK. Please take a few minutes to read what some of our happy parents have to say about their experience with us at ASUK

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Izzy/Andy Conlon
Firstly I would like to talk about the AS UK team. The tutors and volunteers are so committed and enthusiastic, their positive energy is transferred not just to the children but also to us as parents. I never once had any fear or concern about handing my child over, in fact our Son could not wait to get to his session. They are so dedicated they simply do not give up on the child. I witnessed our Son trying to leave his session once and the volunteer handled it impeccably, she persisted in such a playful and happy way that after just a few minutes she had him happy and willing to go back - i would not have been able to do it! The Behaviorist working with our Son gave me lots of information every time she saw me, despite having her hands full. The tutors working with Ben enabled him to do things he would have never even considered, especially using paint, he actually painted a picture for me that I will cherish forever because it was such a huge achievement for him. Linzi and Kirsty are amazing they always have time to talk to you and the advice they give is fantastic. The way the whole team work together shows how much they are all there doing a job they love which transfers through to the children. Our Son made great progress in such a short space of time and his new skills have stayed with him, he also made some lovely friends. As parents it was a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and talk. I myself am very isolated due to the way of life you get in to when your child has disabilities. It was comforting and reassuring to meet other parents in the same position as me and to be able to talk about all the things friends and family simply do not get. The talks were an invaluable source of information, the sort of information you would never get to hear about that empowers you to make life changing choices regarding your child's future. It was also an absolute godsend to be able to just have a nice long break and a few cups of tea knowing my child was in safe hands and having a great time. This organisation is simply amazing and changing families lives for the better. Izzy/Andy Conlon
Sonia Cheetham Daniel Cheetham
What a life changing 12 weeks we have just had at ABA school. I cannot believe the change in Daniel in such a short space of time. He has so many new words and is enjoying communicating with song and words. I can't thank Carly Daniel's tutor and Linzi enough for all their hard work and effort. What an amazing organisation you have created for our children.
Cassie Clancy George Deuchar
Myself and my son George have been on an amazing Journey over the last 12 weeks! It was clear to see from his excited shiver when we pulled on the car park at Essa that George loved coming to Saturday school. I have loved how welcoming and understanding each member of staff have been with George. The room george was in was so relaxed and fun much like George's personality. I will be eternally grateful to Liz and all the other volunteers for taking the time to invest in my son. In a current climate where he is refused help from the NHS and Local Authority, who hold the responsibilty to care for and educate my son, seeing what the volunteers have given has been gold to us! Since I met Kirsty last year she has been nothing but helpful and caring to George and our family, she always has time to talk to me, give me advice and just generally add positivity to all the parents on this journey. If Kirsty says she will do something for you, rest assured, she will do it that day! A lovely selfless person. And I have to thanks Linzi for opening up the ABA world to me, she is such an inspiration, she just "gets it". Fantastic informative talks put on for the parents that have been paramount for me going through my sons EHCP process, giving me the knowledge and belief that I can get a the right education for my son. Thankyou Linzi for the amazing opportunity. I have met some fab like minded parents and had a lot of peaceful and hot coffees ??????. George has made lots of progress at Saturday school, he has built relationships with the staff which is fantastic as he has only just started to let my sister touch him or sit next to him!! I am so proud that he has done independent PECS exchanges, as he has been so resistant to pecs for almost a year. I am a little sad that the program has finished but so happy that we part of it! Amazing charity, Amazing people! Thankyou! and keep up the good work. I wish you could put a positive and informative documentary of ABA as what I have seen on the TV and what Saturday school was are worlds apart!
Zoe Pye and Callum Hannah
Callum and I have had a really wonderful time at Saturday School. Throughout the 12 weeks Callum has suprised me in many ways..first off by letting me leave him in the room from the first session, to giving his 1:1 a hug bye bye. He looked forward to going every week. During and after the 12 weeks I have noticed Callum is trying to initiate conversation with other children. It may not be completely natural(this im sure will come with time and practise) but its absolutely amazing and I shed a tear when he asked a boy at toddlers that he'd never met to play chase! My precious boy is wanting and achieving those skills!! Callum has always been needs led and is still that way but he knows he has to share and through the help of you guys he is doing this on his terms. His reactions to sharing when he doesn't want to have decreased too. For me as mum it has been amazing sitting in a room with other parents and chatting about our own experiences and our daily lives with people that just 'get it'. We can empathise when we've just had enough and also rejoice in the massive celebrations in our lives that may seem a trivial thing to others. I have loved the talks and they have given me strength, knowledge and power to seek out things that I thought the professionals would do. Callum has an EHC Plan because of one of the talks, I took control and applied myself and sent in so much evidence, he now has full support for when he starts school. I chose to not go to all of the talks because some days I just couldn't take anymore information in my mind and my brain and heart needed silence and there was no judgement for just taking myself off and having that time. Thank you. I have extended my autism family through this school and Callum and I have made friends for life xx
Mrs Bamforth
From our child's point of view he loved attending the ABA Saturday school from day one, he enjoyed spending time with his tutor and formed friendships with the other children in his room. We felt that the people working with him were pro-active to his needs and channelled his enthusiasm. We were always comfortable passing him over to his tutor. We all found the facilities of the school very good. The sibling room was a massive plus for us, that we didn't know about until we started the group. Our eldest son attended most weeks, who also has ASD and enjoyed going there and made friends. The staff were very resourceful, arranging different activities catering to him his needs. We appreciated the coffee and nice biscuits, also the time to be on our own, learn about other peoples experiences with different LA's, make new friends and listen to talks. It was great to be able to do this as a couple, as it is usually only one of us attending talks/workshops, while the other is at work. We enjoyed the talks and have learnt lots from them all. In particular got a lot out of the talk by Bethan Williams, Fiona Slomovic and Rowan Keane as these subjects were new to us. Appreciated that the ASUK staff were always on hand to answer questions and they worked extremely hard! We will miss attending the group, not often you find a totally non judgemental atmosphere, with the support of parents in the same boat and helpful staff.
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