ASUKWe offer support for Greater Manchester and Lancashire families with children with an Autism Spectrum Condition and similar disabilities

We are the only ABA bespoke parent and child training club  that support and teach parents by having one parent actually working hands on 1:1 with their child in session. Here is how ASUK can support our families.

  • Support for families going through diagnosis or those already diagnosed
  • 2 Day ABA Parent Training course
  • Advice on Implementing ABA in a home setting along with Saturday sessions
  • Written guidance on each of your child’s target helping parents understand and teach targets at Saturday Fun Club and at home.
  • Hands on parent training during the sessions as parent works with their child
  • Access to a the Head Behaviourist and designated Behavioural Supervisor who will design, track and support and teach you your child’s targets.
  • Weekly set targets to work on at home by your supervisor and behaviourists.
  • Weekly reviews of any homework set by our dedicated ABA team
  • Help from ABA tutors and staff to help you take data and help with programme targets on Saturdays.
  • Exit reports to show the progress made through ABA for you to use for schools, nurseries and for implementing a new home program
  • Advice on getting the right evidence and information together to present to schools for any tribunals or local authority meetings
  • Occasional outside professionals will visit to help with tips and support

Before the school starts your child will be assessed through various types of assessments by a behaviourist so we can set targets to match your child’s needs. This gives great insight when selecting targets, supporting skill building and removal of any barriers to learning so we can work towards reaching your child’s potential. Utilizing the hours at the Saturday Club in the most effective way.
Any behaviour development plans for challenging behaviour will be developed where necessary heavily focusing on proactive strategies.

Once the Saturday Club starts depending on your child’s requirements, they will be in a class with approx 5-8 children they will tutored by one of their parents.  The first 2 weeks will be spent ‘pairing’ which means having lots of fun, finding out what motivates your child to build a rapport with their parent and the new environment so it’s a positive experience. While continuing the assessment process by your child’s assigned supervisor.

Each Classroom is headed by a Room leader who is experienced in ABA.

Your child and you (one parent) work together on set targets covering the five important skill areas prepared from the child’s assessment and data is taken to track progress. Your child will access lots of activities in the assigned classroom such as, arts and crafts, role play, social skills groups and lots activities. Your child will have opportunities to work on individual targets as well as group targets through the structured planning of lessons.
Each room will have a clear visual schedule of activities to facilitate working on different skill areas with appropriate visual aids/ token economy boards where necessary.

A target for example:

Every child will have a communication target to allow your child to express their needs and desires with increasing complexity. We will teach the parent how set up many opportunities to practice this throughout each day. I. E making requests based on the child’s motivation. ‘I want to spin’. Making it a positive learning experience and increasing the likelihood the request will be used again. Any support used to build the skill is faded out as soon as possible to foster independence.

Data is collected on each target which is regularly reviewed making changes based on progress, this target may be further developed or broken down into smaller learning steps to match your child’s pace of learning.  Parents will be fully supported and taught how to do all the above in the 2 day training and throughout the 10 week course.   The same parent will always be present at the Saturday Club and the same parent will do the full 10 weeks with their child in their group.  Tea, Coffee and a biscuit or 2 are always available for breaks.

  • There may be professionals that come in to do talks if you wish to attend (a small fee maybe be charged for some of these workshops). These maybe on different days or one evening in the week.
  • You and your child will always be overseen by room leaders (Room leaders are experienced ABA therapists working in the field) and there will be other ABA tutor support in the room
  • The Room Leaders are overseen by ABA Supervisors and by our Head Behaviourist.
  • Our Saturday Club utilises the principles of ABA to teach social and group skills via a natural environment teaching approach.  
  • Children are initially grouped according to their social readiness with the aim of teaching skills with an adult, moving to learning through peers (other children) and then within small groups.  

If you’re interested in your child joining one of our 10 week ABA Saturday Club intakes please CLICK HERE to express your interest for a future intake.  

We hope to hear from you soon!

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