Trish Brady

Hi I’m Trish Brady, Room Leader at Autism Support UK. My duties will include overseeing individualised targets for six children and training parents strategies to work with their children at home. I will also be providing daily lesson plans and liasing with supervisors and management. Providing a safe environment for our children.

I have over 14 years’ experience working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis with children with autism or related disorders. I began working as an ABA therapist in November 2002 when I was completing my degree and immediately fell in love with the job, developing skills through play and using the child’s own motivation!

I graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Human Studies (Psychology & Sociology combined) in 2005 at the University of Bradford and then began working as a full time ABA therapist starting as a tutor, then as lead tutor and more recently as an ABA Supervisor.

During this time I have worked with children ages ranging 3 -18 years old, both verbal and non-verbal, across a variety of settings on both full and part time programmes, targeting early to more advanced skills.

I have a particular interest in the Verbal Behaviour approach and the use of developing functional communication to decrease challenging behaviour. I have completed sign language (Makaton and Sign-Along) and PECS training courses, and I am also a Talk Tools Level 2 therapist.

I completed my masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis at the University of Kent in the summer of 2016 and I am currently accruing BCBA supervision hours towards sitting the BCBA exam.

I am a keen runner and I am looking forward to helping raise funds for ASUK.

ASUK help many children, who would otherwise be unable to access ABA intervention and get the support needed to reach their full potential. I have always believed that each individual is capable of developing to their full potential with the right support and every child deserves the best form of intervention available to them.

I’m really excited to be back with the ASUK team, and to be further developing my skills in a supportive environment with an experienced team promoting quality evidence based intervention for children with autism.

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