Michelle Mack

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am a Room Lead at Autism Support UK. My role involves supporting and mentoring my Assistant Room Lead, parents and their children, tracking and monitoring target implementation, providing structure via daily lesson plans, liaising with supervisors and the head behaviourist, and ensuring a safe learning environment is provided where learning opportunities are fully utilised.

This intake will be my 3rd cohort as Room Lead. I have previously completed three ABA Saturday Club cohorts, initially as a 1:1 tutor, then as Assistant Room Lead and then Room Lead, which has given me a good base knowledge of the principles of ABA and data collection, as well as valuable experience working with children on an individual basis and leading a team. I have worked with children using PECS on each intake and continue to develop my knowledge in this area.

I just cmpleted and received a First  BSc Honours Degree in Criminological and Forensic Psychology, and much of what I have learnt throughout my degree, particularly core theory, is transferrable across settings. I am an experienced Restorative Justice facilitator delivering restorative approaches within the community, a mother of four, and am currently employed as tutor & PA for a child with ASC.

My youngest son is diagnosed with hypersensitivity and delayed development, and when I first heard of ABA and the Saturday Club I was interested to learn more from a psychological perspective, but also to find out whether this was something which might benefit my child. After tutoring 1:1 and seeing first-hand the difference ABA makes not only to the child but to their families too, I was eager to learn more and continue to gain experience. It is a privilege to be a part of the journey these parents and children are on, and the reward is knowing that I have helped the ‘can’t do it’ turn into a ‘CAN do it’. Proud to be a part of the team that help make that happen!

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