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ASUKYour children are the most important part of you and your world and their happiness is all you strive for. Autism doesn't change that.

Every child deserves the opportunity to build upon their strengths, we spend time building meaningful skills in ways that tap into their motivation, and in the process we making learning fun!

Setting up the right environment maximises opportunities to learn, helping a child to thrive by becoming a motivated learner. This opens doors to the child increasing their independence and most importantly their happiness!

After much research we opened 'Autism Support UK' - A Saturday School for children with an Autism spectrum disorder.

We know first hand the benefits that ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) can provide a child and their family. We had dreamed of sharing this with families that couldn't find the support they were looking for or at least give them a taste of what ABA could do for their child. Furthermore give parents of children with Autism a contact point to share experiences and help support each other.

During research into opening up our services in the North west area we realised not many parents knew about Applied behaviour Analysis, if they had heard of it they were unsure how it worked, some had seen old footage of ABA from years ago and had no idea ABA had evolved to what it is today, fun, based on play, working on your child's interests, motivation and totally individualised to your child's needs as every child is different. With this in mind we decided that a taster to ABA was important, we wanted families to be able to try before committing to a they had all the facts and information required to make an informed decision, something never offered before .... 'Autism Support UK' was born.

There is a growing demand for support required by families with Autism in the Greater Manchester/Lancashire areas. There is also a shortage of workforce that are trained in positive behaviour support to meet the needs of families already on full/ part time ABA programmes and those just starting out.

Star 2The Aim of 'Autism Support UK' is to help spread the benefits of applied behaviour analysis through the bespoke training scheme where communication, social and play skills will be focused on primarily while providing trained and supportive staff.

It can act as a taster session for families interested in learning more about ABA where they can see it in practice for themselves before initiating a full programme.
It can be run alongside full ABA programmes providing a rich social environment for children to practice and generalise their skills with other children, gradually building from 1:1 support through to practising skills in larger groups.

Finally the training scheme can act alone as a 10 week course which provides the opportunity for children to practice communication, social and play skills in a new environment.
The main aim of ‘Autism Support UK’ is to put the child and family’s needs first and help where ever possible.

Autism Support UK

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